jpod humpbacks
Harry Otter Feasting on Sea Urchins!

July 29, 2016 – This morning, we left Victoria under the blazing summer sun and steamed south toward Race Rocks. There were about 50 Steller and California sea lions lounging on the rocks, and Harry our sea otter was hanging out feasting on sea urchins in one of the kelp beds! After Race Rocks, we took a look at several feeding humpbacks that were milling within a few miles of the Rocks. This afternoon, we headed south again, but this time went past Race Rocks toward JPod, who was heading toward us around Sheringham Point in Sooke. On the way, we encountered several humpbacks who seemed to be jumping out at us and saying “What about us? We’re cool too!” We made it out to JPod, and it turned out to be the whole family, making a beeline for Victoria! We had a great look at them and the passengers had a great sunny nap on the long trip home.

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