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Today was a gorgeous day out on the water! Skipper, Mark, led his passengers west of Victoria harbor in search of killer whales. Mark had heard of a possible sighting of a Transient Orca family so he headed west to check it out.

Quickly enough, Mark found the family known as the T137’s. This family consists of a mother (T137), her son (T137A “Jack”), and her daughter (T137B). The huge male “Jack” has a giant dorsal fin which dwarfs the two females. At one point, Jack even swam quite close to the Zodiac to check out the boat! After spending considerable time with this family, Mark drove his passengers over to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. Here, they got to spend time watching the Harbor seal, California and Steller Sea lions, and Bald Eagles bask on the rocks.

It was a beautiful day with lots to see!

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