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Killer Whales, Victoria Whale Watching Steller Sea Lion Immature Bald EagleCaptain Mark, Victoria Whale Watching

MARCH 12 2017 – Wow, what a day!  Not only did we see Transient Killer Whales but we also saw members of J Pod, Steller Sea Lions, California Sea Lions and tons of Harbour Seals & Bald Eagles.  It was a Wildlife packed day!

Skipper Mark Williams headed south out of the Harbour and found members of J Pod foraging for Salmon.  He then headed towards Race Rocks where he found our favourite Southern Resident, J27, AKA Blackberry!  He was foraging on his own a few miles south of the others.  After a stop at Race Rocks to see a huge amount of Steller and California Sea Lions, not to mention Harbour Seals and Eagles, Mark headed west in search of more.

He came across the Transients, the T60’s and the T90’s, just off Sooke.  They were doing steady dives and slowly heading west against the tide.  His passengers got some great shots and views of these top predators.  With a few more stops along the way to see some more Bald Eagles it was finally time to head home.

There was just so much to see out there today and we were so lucky to have seen it all.  If you like the pictures taken by Mark above then check out our Facebook page for more pics on today’s trip.


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