December 28 2016 – Despite the overcast sky we were keen to head out on the water today as the Southern Resident Killer Whales had been spotted in the area close by!  As we travelled east around Victoria’s coastline a southerly wind picked up giving us an exciting ride across the waves of Haro Strait.  We set course for the north of the San Juan Channel.  Nearing Spieden Island at the very northern tip of the San Juan Islands, we spotted over 20 individuals from J pod, one of the 3 families within the Resident Orca population!  They were split into small groups – their matrilines – as they foraged and played in the inner waters between the small islets near Green Point.  The curiosity of several young Killer Whales meant we had a fabulous view as they rolled over each other, playing close to our Zodiac!  We stayed with the pod for an hour or more before heading back to Victoria’s Inner Harbour.  Just as we entered the harbour and passed Fisherman’s Wharf a lone seal popped up behind us!  He followed us all the way to the dock!  It was a wonderful end to a great and unexpected day, and awesome news that the J Pod Resident Orcas are back in the area, and feeding, despite the recent death of one of their family, J34 (DoubleStuf) last week.

J pod resident orcas in the San Juan Channel
Resident Killer Whales from J Pod in the San Juan Channel
Spy hopping individual of J pod orca
Spy hopping! A curious member of the Resident J Pod Orca.
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