Orca coming up for some air
Orca coming up for some air

APRIL 14, 2016 – Today we had a fantastic day on the water with both morning and afternoon trips!  In the morning, Captains Barry, Bill and Kenton took out three Zodiacs filled with excited passengers.  They found majestic Bald Eagles, cute Seals and at Green Point they came across a large group of 20-30 Steller Sea Lions. They were swimming up to and around the boats, making lots of growling noises and putting on a great show for everyone on-board.

In the afternoon, Captains John, Barry and Greg again took out three Zodiacs filled with more excited passengers. These guys were lucky enough to encounter J-Pod (one of our Southern Resident Killer Whale Pods)! They were mostly in a resting pattern but became being quite social during our time with them. One big male even did a spy hop!

On the way back to the harbour they also encountered a large group of Dall’s porpoises, a pretty rare sight as these guys usually tend to swim in smaller groups and can be pretty shy.

All in all it was another successful, exciting and fun filled day on the Salish Sea!

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