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Male Killer Whale with Victoria Whale Watching

APRIL 3 2017 – Today felt like summer!  Not only did we see J Pod Killer Whales but we also saw a Minke Whale and lots of Seals and Sea Lions.

Our trip started off with news of Killer Whales sighted in Haro Strait.  Captain Mark headed there right away and spent lots of time watching Mike J26 and others foraging in the sunshine.  After a glorious time spent with J Pod they headed back down Haro Strait and spotted a large Minke Whale feeding at the surface.  These critters are up to 30 feet long and are a super fast baleen whale.  On the way home Mark stopped just south of Discovery Island to see some huge Steller Sea Lions and some cute Harbour Seals.

All in all it was a wildlife packed day with calm waters and lots of sunshine!  It definitely felt like summer 🙂

If you would like to see some pictures from the tour check out our Facebook Page.

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