AUGUST 13, 2015 – It was a beautiful day on the Strait of Juan de Fuca as we headed out under sunny skies on flat water. We only made it as far as Discovery Island before we had found Orcas, catching up with the majority of J pod including Blackberry, Mike, Double stuff, Cookie, Oreo, Slick and her calf J50! We then spotted J51, the second newest calf in J pod, with his mother Eclipse!  The Orcas were socializing and being very active. Guests were wowed by several spyhops, tails slaps and even some breaching from the friendly orcas!

We watched as the calves porpoised towards San Juan island and enjoyed lots of surfacing from the happy family.

In the afternoon we headed to the south end of San Juan Island where we caught up with among others, the K pod male Cappuccino!  On the way home we stopped in at Strongtide channel where we spotted a large group of chubby harbour seals napping on some rocks. After an adventurous ride home, we returned to the harbour where guests enjoyed learning about some of the best features of our beautiful harbour here in Victoria.

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