JULY 18, 2015 – This morning our boats travelled west and picked up whales from both J-pod and K-pod! In particular Marauder spent a lot of time with the K-13 family which includes Scoter, Comet and Ripple! They were clearly having fun breaching, doing back flips, spyhopping and tail slapping! On the way back they stopped at Race Rocks where our passengers got an exciting view of two male elephant seals fighting! Our afternoon trips went West again making a stop to see a beautiful bald eagle before carrying on to Race Rocks where we saw many Stellar sea lions playing in the water. We also saw the elephant seals again – this time they were taking a nap in the sun! We moved back east where we caught up with the J and K pod whales we were with in the morning and they were just as active this afternoon. There was lots of tail slapping, breaching and swimming on their backs as well as some very impressive high speed porpoising carried out in unison by some of the younger whales. The sun was shining and the water was flat calm making this a very special day out on the water with some very special killer whales!

Elephant seal battle, Victoria BCElephant seals battling on Race Rocks near Victoria BC Elephant seals, wildlife tour, Victoria bc Orca tail slap, Victoria BC Killer whale tail, Victoria BC

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