Bull kelp lesson on a Sprintide whale watching tour
The ever versatile Bull Kelp.

JULY 14, 2015 – This morning Marauder and our zodiacs headed east under sunny skies to the west side of San Juan Island. Once there we were greeted by members of J pod and K pod. Lots of whales around but spread out over a large area. Made for good viewing as boats were spread out as well. One of the new J-pod calves accompanied by their mother swam quite close to the Marauder – everyone was thrilled. Saw a number of breaches – always a spectacular sight. In the afternoon we were back at San Juan with members of J and K pods. Oreo (J-22) and her son Doublestuf (J-34) surfaced near Marauder so some nice photos were taken. On the way back to Victoria we stopped to look at some Harbour Seals on the Chain Islets. This time of year there are lots of seal pups around. We took advantage of the stop to pull up a large piece of Bull Kelp – the second fastest growing plant in the world. Kelp is amazing as it’s used in over a hundred everyday items like toothpaste, ice cream, yogurt, mustard and lipstick. Some of the braver passengers accepted an invitation to taste the kelp – tasty but a little salty. Over all a great day on the water.

Ocra calf spotted playing on a whale watching tour in victoria Harbour seal and their pup sun bathing near Victoria BC

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