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MAY 29 2018 – In the morning we were lucky to witness the T100’s Transient Killer Whales hunt down what was most likely a Harbour Seal! A quick burst of speed by the male T100C and his mom T100 and it was all over. We could then see them feed as chunks of meat came up to the surface. The matriarch T100 did an impressive spyhop after the kill! It is quite common to see celebratory surface behaviours after a kill has been made and consumed as the whales are excited and have full bellies. It is also common for Transient Killer Whales to vocalize after a kill due to the fact that they hunt in silence in order to not give away their presence to the good hearing marine mammal prey.

In the afternoon two Humpback Whales were spotted in Boundary pass. It was perfect conditions with a flat sea and the whales delighted us with some flukes as they went down for some deeper dives. What a great visit and a great day!

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Celebratory spyhop by T100!

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