A Humbpack fluck, whale watching off the coast of Victoria, BC.

June 25 2016 – This morning dawned sunny and bright. Marauder IV and Riptide both left the harbour at 10am and within half an hour they’d spotted a humpback whale feeding just south of Trial Island, off the coast of Victoria. After a good look, the boats headed out toward Sooke and met up with another few humpback whales stuffing themselves with tasty fish south of Race Rocks.

After viewing the harbour seals, an elephant seal and a majestic bald eagle at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, the crew headed back towards Victoria. On the way home, Marauder IV encountered a pair of transient killer whales. What a treat! This was the same pair of whales, a male and a female, that we saw yesterday. They were still travelling happily together despite the fact that the male, T49C, is usually seen on his own.

This afternoon, SpringTide I is joining Marauder IV and Riptide to go see it all again!

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