Male Transient Killer Whale
Male Transient Killer Whale

June 22, 2016 – Today, we caught up with the humpbacks and transient killer whales, who have both been in the area for quite some time now. It is always an incredible experience visiting them!

Skipper Ian began the day on-board FasTide, one of our high speed zodiac vessels. He departed the Inner Harbour with a group of passengers who were keen to begin their whale watching adventure. Ian headed towards a place called Rock Pile. Once there, they discovered three humpback whales. After some time with the gentle giants,  Skipper Ian got news of some transient killer whales in US waters just near Port Angeles. He sped off to catch up with them. Did you know, transients are the top predators in our oceans? They feed on mammals, and have even been known to eat great white sharks!

In the afternoon, Captain Dave departed the Inner Harbour on-board our covered motor yacht, the Marauder IV. Present in company were our awesome crew members, Gord and Kat along with very excited passengers eager to see whales. Some of them had never seen a whale before so they were definitely ready to go.  Ian also took FasTide for another trip accompanied by more enthusiastic guests.

This time they headed straight for the transients, who were still in the Port Angeles area. When they found them for the second time, they were actively hunting a harbour porpoise! A great sight for us to see, great for the transients but not so great for the poor little porpoise. Transient killer whales are very sophisticated and effective hunters, so it’s pretty special to get to see them in action.

It was a pretty awesome day enjoyed by everyone.

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