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MAY 24 2018 – Today was a beautiful day with good conditions, lots of whales and lots of lounging around in the sun! Both our covered vessel and open ocean zodiacs started today’s tour by sharing the beautiful sunshine with some Humpback Whales who were leisurely traveling along the shoreline. This particular afternoon we got to see some amazing blows!! It is commonly mistaken that when a whale exhales it is water that creates this blow; however it is the warm air leaving the whales body hitting the cold air of the environment. Why are Humpback Whale blows more magnificent compared to Orcas you may ask? Well Humpbacks actually have two blowholes compared to the Orcas single blowhole giving it that much more power.

On the way home we made a stop at Race Rocks, an ecological reserve, where we found lots of marine mammals soaking up the sun! We saw various species of Pinnipeds including Harbour Seals, both California and Stellar Sea Lions and Elephant Seals.

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Look at the height of that amazing blow!                                            A California Sea Lion enjoying the sunshine!

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