Male Transient Killer Whale
Male Transient Killer Whale – Taken by Ian

NOV 25 2016 – Today we started with Killer Whales and ended with two Humpback Whales!  It was a great day.  Captain Ian headed south today and came across a pod of Transient Killer Whales.  The T18’s by ID.  The Killer Whales were travelling east tightly together.  They came to the surface often and gave our guests a show to remember.  After watching these critters for some time Ian headed to Race to show our guests the hundreds of Seals and Sea Lions.  On the way home we came across two large Humpback Whales that were showing us their tail flukes every chance they got.  The sunset on the way home was spectacular with lots of colours.

It was a super day with lots of Whales and we’re doing it all again tomorrow!

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