Taken earlier this year - a Humpback Calf playing with Mom around!
Taken earlier this year – a Humpback Calf playing with Mom around!

NOV 19 2014 – Another day, another awesome adventure! Once again it was Captain Ian’s Tour and today he headed South and West. As he left the Inner Harbour he hugged the shore to the west and kept a close eye out for any wildlife he might find. Soon he and his guests were watching 2 huge eagles and many cute Harbour Seals at the Haystocks,  a small group of rocks just off Albert Head. This calm, quiet area is the perfect habitat for the Pacific Harbour Seal, and we sure do get alot of those critters around here! After seals and eagles it was time to search for the bigger boys! Ian headed south in search for Humpback Whales, after all, we have been seeing these guys practically everyday since October. With no luck to the south he headed for Race Rocks, the ever changing ecological reserve. You never know what you will see when you visit Race Rocks but today Ian got some smashing video of about 100 Sea Lions playing around his Zodiac, check the video out on our Facebook Page! After a “Steller” show, Ian headed south west where he had heard reports of Humpbacks. When he arrived on scene just south of Otter Point he realised it was a mom and calf, swimming together. The other boats that had been there just before him had now left and so our passengers had a private show. It was magical. The calf splashed around while mom travelled close by. There was even a huge whale cartwheel just before Ian had to leave. Once again another great tour Stay tuned we are out again on Saturday!

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