Humpback Whale tail fluke.

It really is unbelievable how amazing this September’s whale watching has been! Today’s tours once again gave our guests the opportunity to see multiple marine mammals in one trip! In the morning our two Zodiac Skippers really made the most of their 3-hours trips, seeing a Humpback, Minke Whale, Resident Orca and a group of Pacific White-sided Dolphins between them.

For Captain Ian the highlight of the day was interacting with the dolphins. As he approached the group of about six dolphins, one of them decided to have some fun with the boat, riding the bow, as if it wanted to race the Zodiac. Ian said “I just can’t believe how fast these animals are, it was like a bullet as it darted in and out of the bow waves.” He also explained that he was quite pleased to find the Humpback in Haro Strait, as he has only seen Humpbacks in this particular area a handful of times.

Skipper Krista also had a great afternoon trip, meeting up with J-Pod at the southern end of San Juan Island. The whales were awesome (as usual!) but for Krista it was the abundance porpoise that made the trip extra special. She estimated that there were between 50-60 animals all travelling within close proximity to the pod of Orca the group were watching.

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