L pod - An Orca's fluke spotted whale watching off the coast of Victoria, BC.
An orca showing its tail fluke.

September 7, 2016 – Today the Marauder IV headed east out of Victoria’s Inner Harbour. Just south of Trial Island we found two Humpback Whales – a mother and calf. They were doing shallow dives, and the calf especially was on the surface quite a bit. When the mother went on a deeper feeding dive the calf would stay on the surface heading in the direction of the female’s dive. After watching these two whales for a while we headed further east to San Juan Island as there were reports of Killer Whales along the west side of the island. When we got there we saw members of L Pod, the largest of the three resident pods that spend the summer in the vicinity of southern Vancouver Island. The whales were spread out over a large area, feeding on salmon. We saw two large males and a female quite a distance off shore so followed them and got some good views. On the way home we stopped a Chain Islets to look at the seals and sea birds that frequent the islets. A successful day of watching wildlife.

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