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Humpback Whale, Victoria Whale Watching

JULY 23 2018 – In the morning we headed south from Victoria into Juan de Fuca Strait and before long sighted a Humpback whale.  After spending time with this giant and getting some good views we heard there were some Transient Killer Whales close to Cadboro Bay near Victoria.  Transients feed on marine mammals such as seals, porpoises and sea lions.  After traveling to the area we caught up with the Transients and got some good looks of these graceful animals swimming near the shore looking for seals .  Overall a great trip.

In the afternoon we travelled to the west side of San Juan Island in Washington state to see the J16 family from J-pod – one of our resident pods. Unlike the Transients, Residents eat only fish – primarily salmon.  The matriarch, J16 (Slick) at 46 years old is the oldest whale in J-pod and the mother of the other 4 whales in the J16 family.  After spending time with this family of whales we traveled to Chatham Island to see Harbour Seals and Bald Eagles and from there to the Chain Islets where we saw cormorants, gulls and more Harbour Seals.

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