SpringTide Whale Watching -Humpback Whale Tail

AUG 19 2016 – Today was a great day for humpback whales! We left this morning to another scorching day and found several humpbacks feeding south and east of Race Rocks. Because it was so sunny, the whales were feeding deep in the water column, where plank-tonic animals hide from fish and other visual predators during the daytime hours. One whale came over to have a look at us, spy-hopping with her rostrum right out of the water. She also did a ‘head stand’, hanging in the water with her fluke dangling in the air. We took a swing by Race Rocks and saw Harry the sea otter beating the heat floating in a kelp bed, and a whole lot of napping sea lions. Poor animals with so much blubber must be so warm in this heat wave! This afternoon’s trip, we did it all again, heading further west to find humpbacks feeding in deeper water and taking slightly longer dives. The crew was tempted to dive in and join them, just to cool off! After another stop at Race Rocks, we steamed back to the harbour for another smoking hot summer evening!

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