humpbacks everywhere
Humpback Tail Fluke

September 17, 2016 – We left Victoria’s Inner Harbour this morning under the rain. We headed west following a tip that there might be some humpback whales in San Juan de Fuca Strait, although we didn’t know where. So we started the search. We arrived first at Race Rocks with its abundance of harbour seals, Steller and California sea lions. There are hundreds of sea lions at the moment so it was a very impressive sight! Race Rocks is a winter out-haul for these two species which are migrating species and do not mate in this area. Then we were very lucky as we only had to drive for a few minutes before we found a group of two young adult humpback whales. This species is a solitary species. So animals are generally seen alone but young individuals sometimes form small groups (2 or 3 individuals) during their first years so together they can be stronger against predators. We enjoyed the humpbacks’ company for about 30 minutes. They dove several times showing us their gorgeous tail then came to the surface again to breathe. It was finally time to head back to the city.

In the afternoon, the rain stopped and the sun started shining. We drove west again as we had in mind to find some humpback whales again. This time, we had to drive pretty far away to find them, way past Sooke. But it was worth it. We were surrounded by blows–humpback everywhere! Some were breaching, some were diving or just resting at the surface. We stayed a few minutes then it was time to drive back. We arrived just on time for a nice dinner and sunset in Victoria!

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