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MAY 27 2018 – The good weather and whale encounters continue! Today we had Humpback Whales and Transient Killer Whales once again. In the morning, two Humpback Whales were seen traveling south towards Race Rocks lighthouse. We had a great visit with them enjoying some nice flukes! Afterwards we made a stop at Race Rocks and were delighted to see all the wildlife that Race Rocks has to offer; including Harbour Seals, Elephant Seals, California Sea Lions, Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles and are friend Harry the Sea Otter. To top off a great trip, we met back up with the two Humpback Whales and enjoyed a few last minutes with them!

In the afternoon we went to San Juan island and met up with the T100’s Transient Killer Whales! At the beginning these guys were traveling fast, which made for some good encounters because at times they started porpoising! After a couple of minutes they reduced there speed and we enjoyed the rest of our time with this beautiful family. With all the excitement with the T100’s, we were surprised with a pod of Dall’s Porpoise who are always a pleasure to see with there beautiful colouration and fun personality. What an awesome day!

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Awesome fluke!

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Members of the T100’s family!

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