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JUNE 5 2018 – In the morning, both are high zodiac and our covered vessel headed out of the harbour and enjoyed a morning with a Humpback Whale! In the summer months Humpback Whales eat 1.5 tons of food per day! This is likely why they are solitary animals often found traveling alone. There is simply not enough food in one specific area to sustain a group of these whales.

In the afternoon, we headed east after news of a pod of Bigg’s Killer Whales approaching. It was the T77’s! After a lovely encounter with the Killer Whales we headed to Race Rocks, an ecological reserve. Here we spotted multiple Sea Lions and Seals, including two large Elephant Seals, enjoying a rest up on the rocks. Did you know that Sea Lions can run faster than humans on land!! They are capable of this because they are able to rotate their back flippers underneath them in order to help them walk and run. This is not the case in Seals as they are not capable of this rotation and only use their back flippers for swimming.

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Members of the T77 Bigg’s Killer Whale family!

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