Jim Humpback3

Nov 20 2015 – What a beautiful day! The sun was shining and the ocean was calm, perfect for watching whales! Captain Ian headed out with a group of excited passengers in search of the gentle giants. It didn’t take long until a couple of huge spouts were spotted off the horizon. It turned out to be a mother and calf pair, slowly swimming together at the surface. It was amazing to see these massive animals move so gracefully. We had a wonderful visit with these awesome animals and then headed off to Race Rocks to see what the seals and sea lions were up to. It turned out to be feeding time as there was a group of sea lions herding a bait ball of fish up to the surface and then chowing down on them. It was really cool to see the fish splashing below the surface and then the group of sea lions below them in the water. Pretty amazing sight! At the end of the day when the zodiac headed back, everyone was pretty pumped from the exciting sights they had seen that day!

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