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best wildlife photo
A white Harbour Seal Photo by Jason McLean

Friday January 18th 2019 – What an incredible day out on the water with sightings of both Humpback Whales and Dall’s Porpoises!

The afternoon tour started off with Skipper, Mark, bringing his passengers out to the west of Victoria Harbour. Around the area of Sheringham Point Lighthouse Mark and his passengers were able to enjoy the sight of two Humpback Whales. The whales were heading East so there was ample viewing opportunities of the whale’s flukes.

From there, Mark headed towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. On the journey, two different groups of Dall’s Porpoises starting swimming with the boat. Passengers were able to see the incredible porpoises playing up at the front of the boat. Dall’s Porpoises are the fastest of the smaller cetaceans, reaching up to speeds of  55 km/h!

Once at Race Rocks the amazing wildlife sightings just continued. The ecological reserve was jam packed with California and Steller Sea Lions as well as Harbour Seals. There were many Elephant Seals that were lazing on the boat ramp and beach. Passengers were treated to the sight of about 20 Bald Eagles on the rocks as well. The most that Mark has ever seen there, how lucky!

Another incredible and animal-filled day out on the water!

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