JULY 26, 2015 – Today was a Humpback filled day!

Race Rocks Ecological Reserve was our destination, where we found Humpback whales a few miles to the south. Guests were treated to a friendly welcome display when one of the Humpbacks started waving its pectoral fin above the surface of the water.  This is one of real highlights when viewing this type of whale.  The underside of this huge fin is white, and just shines against the ocean waters.

After a final wave goodbye, we headed towards Race Rocks to view our pinnipeds, including harbour seals, California and Steller sea lions.

The weather in the afternoon was very unusual, with a squall moving in and out quickly.  Thunder is rare in our area, but you could hear it today at the beginning of the afternoon trips!  It didn’t last very long into the trip and the sun broke out and we were back under blue skies.  Very neat experience.

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