A Cheeky Otter on our Zodiac Pontoon

NOV 10 2015 – We spent the day with Humpback Whales, Sea Lions and a very cheeky Otter who spent time on our boat!!!!  Mark headed out at 1pm on reasonably calm seas.  The tour headed south west and before long were watching a huge Humpback Whale. The critter was spending a lot of time at the surface and showed his tail fluke many times.  For pictures of today’s trip head to our Facebook Page.

After watching this amazing animal do its thing the tour headed to Whirl Bay where they saw some Bald Eagles and then back towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where they saw many Sea Lions.

As the sun started to set the wind picked up and made for a very exciting and very bumpy trip back to Victoria.  Once back to the dock everyone enjoyed a warm Hot Chocolate on dry land.  But the wildlife wasn’t over yet.  Mark got some very cool shots of our resident River Otter hopping on and off of our Zodiacs. Here’s another cute pic of the Otter playing hide and seek in the dock. A very cute addition to the trip indeed!

River Otter
River Otter
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