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JULY 2, 2018- Our Covered Boat Marauder IV and two of our High-Speed Zodiacs, Riptide and Fastide, all headed out in the afternoon, West towards Albert Head. The boats caught up with a few Humpback Whales that were foraging for Krill. The whales were making short dives, staying down for about 4 minutes at a time. Passengers were able to catch many glimpses of their flukes!

It was an absolutely beautiful day out, sun was shining, and the mountains looked breathtaking. On the way home, boats stopped by Race Rocks to look at more local wildlife, Harbour Seals basking on rocks. Even Harry, our resident Sea Otter, was spotted curled up in some Bull Kelp. A special day out on the water!

Humpback near Albert Head
Riptide coming home

Photos taken by Chief Mate, Yves

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