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OCTOBER 22 2017 – Humpback whales and T11’s! After a cancelled day yesterday, due to bad weather, we were back out on the water. Our zodiac StrongTide took us out west towards Race Rocks and the number of humpback whales that have been around lately and are feeding on big schools of fish. We saw at least 4-6 of these massive whales! Then we moved further west trying to locate a small group of orcas seen earlier during the day. Just as we were about to turn back we got a call from another whale watching boat telling us they just relocated the orcas. It was the T11’s, mom T11 and son T11A. Two of our “local” transients” that have been around a lot last month. Whale watching is great even in late October! Come and join us for a tour, daily zodiacs at 1:00 pm.

T11's orcas Springtide
Male orca T11A is massive!

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