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It was a crisp day and today it was the Zodiac setting off in search of wildlife! Captain Ian had a full boat of eager passengers waiting to see what they could find. We had heard reports of a Humpback Whale close to Rock Pile, so we set off in hot pursuit. Not long after, we spotted two Humpback Whales.  They are such majestic creatures; it was a treat to see two! We floated alongside them and watched them for a while. They were diving deep for food and other nutrients. When they surfaced we could hear their distinctive ‘blow’ and it is a wonderful sound to hear on the quiet open ocean. We wanted to stop at Race Rocks to see if we could spot some more marine life and we lucked out. We saw both Seals & Sea Lions. The chilly weather did not stop everyone from enjoying the wonders of the west coast, a good time was had by all! Photos to come!

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