Humpback Whale, Victoria BC Humpback Whale Diving Humpback Whale Tail Flukes

December 1 2016 – Heading out of a very wet Victoria harbour we travelled west towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.  Despite the rain in the city we rode out of the storm to overcast skies on the water.  Two Humpback Whales popped into view as we neared the reserve, blows strikingly visible in the distance.  As we neared the Whales we were treated to some awesome photography opportunities as they dove and resurfaced every few minutes, all the while pushing south into the Strait of Juan De Fuca.  Moving further around the coast towards Sooke we spotted Harbour Porpoise travelling with 2 or 3 Dall’s Porpoise along the coastline.  It was a delight to see these shy animals on our trip, and rare to see them travelling together! Slowing near a Kelp bed our skipper Ian gave us each a morsel of this seaweed to taste!  Amazing to think that this remarkable algae supports such an important ecosystem here in the waters of British Columbia, and all along the Pacific North West Coast.  With the sound of Sea Lions barking we returned home to the city with awesome memories of our tour with Humpback Whales and Harbour Porpoise!

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