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HUMPBACK WHALE, Victoria Whale Watching
Humpback Whale Tail

Friday Aug 3 – We saw many familiar Humpback Whales out in the Strait of Juan De Fuca today. We can recognize individual Humpbacks by their underneath of their tail flukes, when they lift them out of the water before going on a deep dive.  Some of the Humpback Whales have the underneath of their flukes that are all white, some have all black and some have a mixture of both.  Depending on their colour, they are categorized accordingly. Two of the individuals we saw today were “Zaphire” and “Scratchy”.  These two critters have been showing up regularly this month.

In the past it was a rare thing to see Humpback Whales off Victoria in the summer months but nowadays that isn’t the case.  We are so very lucky that they are rising in numbers and that we get to enjoy them all year round!  If you love Whales and want to see more pictures and read some cool stories check out our Facebook page!

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