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AUGUST 26 2017 – Flat sea, humpback whales and visit to Race Rocks Ecological Reserv. It was a great day out whale watching. It is easy being spoiled with all the humpback whales we are seeing at the moment. 4-5 humpback whales per tour is easy to find out there. Our 10 am covered vessel tour found a resting humpback whale, the whale was “logging” at the surface breathing now and then. Whales are sleeping by resting half of the brain at a time, leaving the other half active to control breathing and movement of the animal. Today we got a live lesson in that! The afternoon was equally good with humpbacks and one came right next to our boat and went for a dive! Our zodiacs traveled far in the afternoon and saw orcas far to the west. Fingers crossed that they reached waters around Victoria tomorrow, we will go out and find out!

Humpback whale
Humpback whale going for a dive.

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