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AUGUST 16 2017 – Humpback whale and orcas T11’s and T46B’s! It was windy today! But that didn’t stop us from going out seeing orcas, and we got treated to some real close encounters. The morning tours started the day with finding a humpback whale, just east of Race Rocks Nature Reserve. We saw the humpback whale going for dives with the fluke coming up. Shortly after we could join a group of Bigg’s transient orcas! It was the T46B’s and T11’s, both the morning and afternoon tours got to see these two families as they slowly moved west through our area. T11 and T11A is two real veterans for this area with mother T11 being at least 54 years old and her son T11A 39 years old! Wow!

Transient orca T11A Springtide Whale Watching
T11A is 39 years old and a big male transient orca!

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