Breaching Humpback Whale Pic by Stu Bassett
Breaching Humpback Whale

Sat March 26 2016 – Wow what a day!  Skipper Stu led his guests south today in search of wildlife.  He had heard there was a Humpback Whale in the area so he started his search.  His first wildlife encounter was with a small Minke Whale just south of Race Rocks.  This Whale is a Baleen Whale and a “filter feeder”.  It was feeding along the tide lines and was not very interested in interacting with us 🙂

After a few views of the Minke, Stu moved on further south.  He looked for  quite a while for this “elusive” Humpback Whale.  Suddenly they all saw him.  He approached the surface close to the boat, he slapped his huge tail to show off and even showed our guests his huge pectoral fins.  Everyone was so excited.  Stu stayed with the Humpback for a while and then headed north back towards Victoria.  He made one last stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve before heading home for the night.  There they saw scores of Harbour Seals, Steller Sea Lions and California Sea Lions.  They saw some Bald Eagles perched high on the rocks and they got a glimpse of an Elephant Seal.  But the highlight here was a cute little Sea Otter!  The Sea Otter was cracking shellfish on his tummy with his rock.  It was so cool to see!  We don’t always get to see Sea Otters around here so it truly was a great end to a great day!



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