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This morning, our Covered vessel and Zodiac vessel traveled to Discovery Island where they spotted the T-46Bs.  The T-46Bs are a pod of Transient Killer whales comprised of six members. Interestingly enough, this pod used to be seven; however, one of the members was killed off by another Killer whale, which is a very rare occurrence between Killer whales.

After watching the Transients for a while, the two vessels traveled to Race Rocks and then towards Washington State, where they saw a Humpback mother and her calf. This was the first recorded Humpback calf of the season!

In the afternoon, our Covered vessel and Zodiac vessels spotted the T-46Bs once again, but this time it was in Race Passage at Pedder Bay. The trip concluded with a visit to Race Rocks, where our passengers saw other forms of marine wildlife, such as Harbour seals, Elephant seals and birds.

Today was yet again a fantastic day!

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