Captain Bill headed South in search of spouts and sure enough after about 20 minutes we saw our first blow. It was a huge Humpback Whale! These awesome critters come to Vancouver Island in their last search for food before heading back to Hawaii, where they spend their winters at the calving/mating grounds. The food is so plentiful around Vancouver Island that some Humpbacks stay all year long. After viewing this specific animal Captain Bill got information of two more Humpback Whales feeding close to Race Rocks.  As Marauder got on scene they were greeted with another large Humpback travelling South towards the Olympic Peninsula. The whale passed by the boat multiple times showing off his huge tail fluke as seen in the photo above. The passengers were in awe of the beauty and power of this animal. On the way home they stopped in at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to view the very popular Steller and California Sea Lions before heading back to Victoria. It was chilly but warmed up as the sun came out to play. The complimentary jackets and hot chocolate came in handy and were much appreciated. Another fine day on the water with SpringTide!

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