humpback feeding feast

October 27 2016 – Captain Ian and his excited guests on this afternoon’s Zodiac tour travelled west along the coastline towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.  Nearing this rocky outcrop the blows of two Humpbacks were spotted coming through the passage. With a closer look these were accompanied by over 20 California Sea Lions, playfully porpoising around the giant whales! As we headed further around the reserve we were treated to a Humpback feeding feast. They were rapidly lunge feeding through herring bait balls to the raucous calls of the circling Seabirds, an amazing sight!

These bait balls are often seen in strong tidal areas which support richly bio-diverse communities such as Race Rocks.  Small fish swarm into these tight spheres as a defense mechanism against diving Seabirds, Seals and Sea Lions, and of course Humpback Whales!

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