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It was a slightly windy and chilly day, and with the temperature dropping, we wrapped up warmly. FasTide’s 12 passengers were excited and eager as we set off  early in the afternoon. The zodiac cut through the choppy waters, and sped off towards Constance Bank. We had heard that there were Humpback Whales in the area so we kept our eyes peeled. We were not disappointed. Soon after reaching Constance Bank we saw approximately 20 Whales! It is so amazing to see so many Humpback Whales so close together, it really encapsulates our current ‘Humpback Comeback’; there have never been so many Whales in the area. The Whales were feeding and diving deep for nutrients, we were spoiled with multiple sights of their tales neatly flicking up as they dived. After spending a good amount of time watching the Whales, we headed off towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to see if we could spot some other marine life. And indeed we did, we saw Seals, Sea Lions and a flock of birds in a feeding frenzy. A bait ball attracted the great display of sea birds flocking for the fish, a noisy show too! We headed back to SpringTide base from Race Rocks after our West Coast adventure, ready for our hot chocolates.

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