Humpback whale breaching, Vancouver Island BC
Humpback Whale with an amazing breach

JULY 25, 2015 – Our trip aboard Marauder IV this morning was a bit of a change for the week as we went west of Victoria to watch Humpback whales! We headed 3 miles south of the Race Rocks marine reserve to see 3 Humpback whales. Upon arriving on scene and watching the first Humpback surface, she immediately breached halfway out of the water, almost like she was welcoming our boat to the area! After watching a mother and her calf surface a few times, we then headed to Race Rocks where we got to see harbour seals, Steller and California sea lions, and two elephant seals!  Our afternoon and evening trips switched it up, and went towards San Juan Island to view our killer whale families… including calves!  Lots and lots a acrobatics made these trips just stunning too!

Humpback whale breaching for tour, Victoria BC  Humpback whale spotted on whale watching tour, Victoria BCRace Rocks lighthouse off Vancouver Island near Victoria BCSteller Sea Lions, Victoria BCSteller Sea Lions at Race Rocks, Victoria BC

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