AUGUST 7, 2015 –  It was a blustery but beautifully sunny day today as Marauder and all three of our zodiacs headed out to find the whales. The first reports of whales were of humpbacks in the middle of the Juan de Fuca Strait, so we headed out there with the Olympic Mountain Range straight ahead of us. The water was glistening under the late afternoon sun, when all of a sudden we saw our first spout. It went up almost 5 metres in the air! Our first humpback whale!

The 15 metre animal surfaced quite calmly a few times then went for a deep dive, showing off its beautiful fluke. This individual had quite the spectacular black and white pattern on its tail. These patterns are like a fingerprint, unique for every animal and they help us to identify the whales we get in the area. We spent some time with this humpback and then spotted another one in the distance. This one was taking very long dives, probably hunting for food in the depths below.

On the way back, we stopped at Race Rocks and saw the massive colony of the huge Stellar Sea Lions that live there. There were also some California Sea Lions and Harbour Seals lounging on the rocks.

We headed home with the beautiful evening light glinting off the sea. Always special to spend time with such humbling creatures!

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