humongous mammals
Humpback Nose! Image was taken with a zoom lens and cropped.

July 30, 2016 – The sun was shining and the wind was blowing as all three of our Zodiacs, with Skippers Barry, Kenton, and Ian at the helms, left Victoria’s Inner Harbour in search of some Whales. The High-Speed Zodiacs made their way South towards one of our absolute favourite places, Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, where we often find Whales amongst other wildlife such as Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Otters, and Sea Birds.  The passengers and Skippers on board the boats checked out some of these marine creatures before heading slightly further south where they came across some Humpback Whales!  The Whales were acting extremely curious about our vessels, mugging the boats and playing in the waves.  Between the close encounters with the humongous mammals and the large swells from the ocean, the passengers really got a “true west coast” experience!

This afternoon’s trips, with Skippers Barry and Kenton on two of our Zodiacs as well as our Covered Ocean Cruiser, Marauder IV, followed a similar route south, where they took a look at Harbour Seals, Sea Lions, and “Harry” the Sea Otter at Race Rocks before finding another group of Humpback Whales.  The sea began to calm and made for smooth cruising.  Numerous Humpback Whales, sunny skies, and flat calm seas; what more could we ask for!

This evening, Skipper Ian took a final, excited, group of passengers out onboard StrongTide on the now-calm Salish sea.  South of Race Rocks, they came across a group of around 15 Humpback Whales.  Seeing a single Humpback can truly inspire awe, but a group of fifteen is nothing short of incredible.  These marine mammals are extremely interesting creatures; they are especially well known for their “songs”, or vocalizations, which were the main reason that the Humpbacks were able to win over the hearts of humans, and Whaling, for the most part, has ceased.

After another fantastic day on the water, we can’t wait for tomorrow!

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