olympic mountains
Olympic Mountain Range
sea lions
Sea Lions at Race Rocks
harry, the sea otter
Harry, the Sea Otter!
transient killer whales
Transient Killer Whales

November 9 2016 – As the fog banks cleared out on the Strait we were treated to a mystical afternoon on the water. The views of the Olympic mountain range were spectacular.  At Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, Steller and California Sea Lions numbered in the hundreds, hauled out between camouflaged harbour seals.  A special treat awaited us as Harry, the Sea Otter popped up amongst the kelp fronds! An absolute delight to watch this special mammal at play.

With news of Transient Killer Whales close by we soon spotted several tall black dorsal fins rising from the waters.  As they surfaced to breathe we were provided with some fabulous shots before the clouds came in across the Strait of Juan De Fuca.

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