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March 3 2019 – A playful pod of Harbour Porpoise stole the show on this sunny March day.  Our skipper Mark headed west in search of wildlife.  He travelled out as far as Sooke Bluffs passing some beautiful coastline.  Once at Sooke bluffs he turned off the engine and our guests enjoyed a pod of Harbour Porpoise feeding and swimming all around our boat.  Mark thought there were at least 10 animals swimming around the Zodiac.  These animals are usually quite elusive so to have a pod swimming so close to the boat was such a special treat.  The water was calm and the sun was shining.  You could even hear the porpoise taking a breath as they came to the surface which is such a rare event.  It just shows you that these animals did not feel threatened at all and were happy to continue on with their feeding as we happily watched!

On the way back towards Victoria Mark showed our guests lots of Bald Eagles in Whirl Bay & Becher Bay.  Beautiful waterfalls were seen falling into the ocean along the shoreline too.  Before heading all the way home, Mark made one last stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.  As usual, there were scores of Sea Lions and Seals in the water and on the rocks.  It was another wildlife packed day and our guests had a blast!

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