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Thanksgiving Monday and what better way to spend a day off than looking for whales! We set out on our covered vessel in search of marine life and were not disappointed. About 30mins into the trip we came across not one but two Humpback whales.

Humpback Whale Tail
A Humpback whale flicks its tail into the air. Photo taken by Captain Yves with a zoom lens and heavily cropped.


At first, they spent a good amount of time at the surface which gave us all an opportunity for a great view. They then mixed up their behaviour and started zigzagging at speed. They appeared to be in the search for food, but instead of a turkey dinner, Pacific Herring and Krill were on the menu.

Race Rocks Ecological Reserve
Race Rocks Ecological Reserve looking mysterious in the morning haze. Photo by Captain Yves with a zoom lens.


We continued our wildlife adventure at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where there were Sea Lions abound. On the main island Sea Lions blanketed the ground, it was hard to tell where one started and the other began! We were lucky enough to come across a group of California Sea Lions on a hunt in the Kelp bed, it very much looked like a well rehearsed synchronized swim routine. Harbour seals were being lapped at by the incoming tide and there were plenty of sea birds too, particularly Pelagic Cormorants and gulls. A great morning with lots to be thankful for!


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