OCT 28 2014 – It was another day of the humpbacks! Captain Ian set out on one of our Zodiacs with some guests ready for an adventure! Heading out of Victoria’s harbour Ian headed west where he found a feeding humpback just south of Pedder Bay. The group spent a bit of time watching the whale as it searched for food and made some deep dives, giving the guests a few great tail fluke photo opportunities!

Captain Ian then heard reports of a few more humpbacks just south of Race Rocks, so off they went in search of their next adventure! Sure enough just south of Race at the Rosedale Marker the group came upon three humpbacks! “These humpbacks were very exciting to watch as they circled around the area and made several pectoral slaps, as though they were waving to us. You couldn’t predict what they were going to do next!” stated Ian. Again the guests had the chance to see the humpbacks make some great dives exposing their flukes in a playful fashion.

Onwards to Race Rocks where there were hundreds of Stellar and California Sea Lions lounging around. As well the adorable harbour seals could be seen laying out on the rocks. A great experience to see these animals up close and personal and to hear the sea lions bark is always entertaining!


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