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Killer Whales

Apr 20, 2019 – T65A6 is adorable! The calf in the picture above is only just one year old, and on our trip today was having a lot of fun with his siblings and mother. Whilst swimming with his elder siblings and mother, the two teenagers in the family were jumping over each other and playing around in the water. The family were certainly in a curious and playful mood! Captain Ian, our crew and guests were inspected by the young calf when he spy hopped to get a good look at what was going on around the area. It’s such a privilege to watch these Transients play in their wild home.

Earlier on in the day our guests also saw a Grey Whale (see the photo here!) who was spending his time around Discovery Bay area, near Victoria! Grey Whales are such beautifully mesmerizing creatures and are far more rare to see in these waters. Along with these two types of whales our guests also sighted some Seals and Sea Lions sunning themselves at Race Rocks. The calm conditions and beautiful blue sky made it a wonderful day to be out on the water!

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