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The Natural World of Southern Vancouver Island through the lens of Captain Yves- part 5

Not to be confused with the Lesser Yellowlegs, Greater Yellowlegs(GYLs) are larger and longer-billed .

Taking advice from runway models, GYLs take large, high-stepping gates when wading through to find food. Sometimes they can be found at a sprit when chasing prey.

Their long beaks make for a perfect tool to probe into the shallows or marshes of its environment to find small aquatic invertebrates

Hunting for food- Greater Yellowlegs
Hunting for food- Greater Yellowlegs


Courting males perform an elaborate display, a coasting dive accompanied by an insistent tuu-whee tuu-whee song. The male then lands and runs in circles around the female and poses with upraised wings before mating. Remind anyone of that seen from Frozen 1?

Colloquial names for this species include telltale, tattler, and yelper, all of which refer to its strident alarm calls.

Greater Yellow leg at Oak Bay Marina.
Greater Yellow leg at Oak Bay Marina.


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