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We begin the festive season with a visit from our gorgeous Southern Resident Killer Whale friends; L Pod!

Captain Ian headed west this afternoon on one of our High Speed Zodiacs, after hearing reports that our Resident Orcas were back in town. Ian, and plenty of excited guests, met up with some members from L-Pod. L-Pod is the largest pod from the Southern Resident Killer Whale Clan, with 34 members. Ian and his group spent a good hour with this special family of whales. They got to watch as the whales socialized and hunted for their favourite food, salmon.

After relaxing with these gentle giants, Ian flew over to the ecological reserve, Race Rocks. Here the passengers were able to watch the gorgeous sunset start over the mountains, behind the lighthouse. Multiple lazy Steller and Californian sealions and harbour seals were basking on the rock islands surrounding the lighthouse. A few even swam over to check out our boat! The sealions appeared tiny after seeing some giants of the ocean, but the huge bodies of Steller Sea Lions can actually weigh over 2500 pounds!

All in all, it was another great Marine Wildlife Tour with Captain Ian, seeing an abundance of our local wildlife on Southern Vancouver Island. To see Ian’s photos of the trip, click here to take you to our December 1st 2018 Facebook album!

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