2014-07-05 -- 2014-08-02 Sommerferie i Canada

OCT 24 2014 – What an amazing fall day out on the water! October is shaping up to be a fantastic and exciting month! We had Marauder IV and our Zodiac out this afternoon. Our Zodiac Captain Ian was the first one on scene with two humpbacks to start the trip. Captain Bill, on Marauder,  found two other humpbacks on his way to join the zodiac. That means we had a total of four humpbacks out there!

Soon after finding the humpbacks, there were rumors of killer whales heading inbound towards Victoria  down the Juan da Fuca Straight. Sure enough, Skipper Ian found the whales and was ecstatic to be surrounded by an estimated fifty plus resident killer whales! We had not had the resident pods in the area for almost a week now and were very excited to see them heading back to Victoria from the Pacific.

Captain Ian was very impressed with the amount of spy-hops  and breaches from the killer whales. The whales were identified as a mixture of our resident K and L pods from the Southern Resident Killer Whale population. Ian said that “this trip had one of the best viewings of the year! Over fifty killer whales and each one must have breached out of the water at least twice! Just fantastic!”

Captain Bill on Marauder shared his excitement as well. “It was such a treat to see the residents coming back to Victoria. There were so many pectoral slaps, breaches, and some of the whales swam right up and past the boat!” This is amazing to see when it’s nearly November. The residents generally leave the Victoria waters once the fall months start, so to have them here at this time of the year and putting on such a show is spectacular.

On the way back the boats both made a stop at Race Rocks where there are currently six to seven hundred Stellar and California sea lions. Captain Bill also saw a group of Elephant Seals on the boat ramp at Race Rocks. The day couldn’t have been better and we look forward to what’s to come!





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