A few of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales enjoying the water

September 26, 2016 – This afternoon Marauder IV left Victoria under a beautiful sun and headed west. We drove for quite a while but it was worth it. We found, past Sooke, a very large group of Killer whales; 20 or more of them travelling in a tight group. They were part of our very endangered population of southern resident killer whales. The group was comprised of several big males, females and a few little babies. It was just an incredible sight as they were swimming alongside the boat and coming out to breath all at the same time them diving altogether, and this several times in a row. We enjoyed them for about 20 minutes then headed towards Victoria. On the way, we stopped at Race Rocks, a gorgeous ecological reserve with a lot of harbour seals, Steller sea lions, California sea lions and even a cute little sea otter (our resident sea otter, Harry Otter)! What a day!

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